PTAs and PTOs

Get Your Time Back

You signed up for the board to make kids’ lives just a little bit better.  Now, you’re swimming in paperwork and spinning your wheels.  Good news, Membership Toolkit is designed specifically to streamline processes that efficiently run your organization and let you spend more time on the fun stuff. 

Membership Toolkit Can Help


One Place for Everything

  • No more disconnected tools that are hard to manage and transition to future board members.
  • Easy year-to-year transitions to new boards means never again having to start from scratch because the binder disappeared.
  • Our powerful dashboard is the go-to place for admins to get a bird’s eye view of all the activity in your organization. Admins will be able to dive in for the details their level of access allows.

Sell Anything, Anytime

  • Families today want, and nearly expect, the option to make purchases online. Collect funds for membership, donations, spirit wear, event sales… anything your organization sells.
  • Accept credit/debit card payments online at competitive rates by choosing one of our three merchant processors. The best part, Membership Toolkit doesn’t add additional fees on top of the payment processing rates. We want you to keep as much money as possible.
  • For families that need to pay by cash/check, the system can accommodate that too.
  • Manage online orders from start to finish with a variety of sales reports, inventory control, and fulfillment reports.

Communicate Like a Pro

  • Keep families in-the-know, connected and engaged with our newsletter and email tools. We provide newsletter templates ready for you to brand for a customized look.
  • Create communication lists to send messages to everyone or to a specific group for things like classroom parties, kinder round-up, senior night, etc.
  • Using our mobile app is a great way for families to receive push communications, make purchases, volunteer, donate and even access their membership card.

The Directory Builds Itself

  • No more typing! As families register on your website, your secure online directory and database is built automatically. Parents always have control of the information they share in the directory and admins control who has access to the directory.
  • Do you have a complete list of families from the school or district?  We can upload those for you so your directory is instantly complete without you having to hand enter anything!  Families can then log on to confirm their information and change any publish preferences.
  • Publish your directory online with a few clicks or use the templates we provide to create a PDF file to post, print or email to families or just members.
  • Take your directory on-the-go after downloading our free mobile app!

Recruit and Manage Volunteers

  • Recruit volunteers both day and night by offering an online “volunteer Interest” form. Parents tell you when and where they are interested in helping, which increases the likelihood they will say “yes” when you ask them to serve.
  • When volunteers sign up to serve for an event, the system can be set to send automated reminders before the event as well as after to say, “thank you”.
  • Utilize our volunteer kiosk for easy check in for shifts at events. This feature is not available in all plans so ask us for details.
Customer Service Rep

Superior Customer Service

  • You’re busy, we get it!  And we understand that taking on a new leadership role can sometimes be overwhelming.  Our customer support is ready to help any of your admins so that you can accomplish what you need to with ease.
  • We’ve been there- so we take our customer service seriously!  All of our customer support specialists are volunteers themselves, so they understand. We are eager to help you succeed!

Tips For Power-Users


Bookkeeping is a Cinch

  • Our accounting tools are specifically designed for PTAs/PTOs to manage every cent running through your organization. 
  • Treasurers will enjoy the convenience of online sales automatically updating your ledger and monthly reports they can generate in seconds to easily show the board exactly where your money is.
  • Reimbursements can be submitted online by providing a form for contacts to fill out and upload their receipt.
  • Treasurers have multiple resources available to them. Our customer support team provides a help desk to submit tickets, how-to articles, and recorded webinars and videos. We also offer personalized training and can even setting up your budget for an additional fee.
message boards

Room Parent Communication is a Breeze

  • Simplify how your room parents and/or teachers communicate with the classroom parents with Message Boards.  These boards can be set up in minutes and make sending announcements to the class easy! 
  • The boards are auto-populated and as an admin, you give rights to your room parent(s) and/or teacher to post on the board. They will only have admin access to the message board. There is no need to give full admin access to the Dashboard.
  • Since the system automatically generates the email notification to each parent, you no longer need to create email lists for each class, and there’s no need to worry if someone doesn’t want their email shared because no one can see it!  
Teacher Favorites List

Faculty Information in One Place

  • Display a complete faculty list, including names, contact information, positions, grades, room numbers, and any other “custom field” you would like.
  • Provide “faculty favorites” pages, so families can learn what teacher’s like, including favorite snacks, candies, flowers, restaurants, hobbies, and more.
Mobile App

Online Storage

  • With all our plans we include a “file storage cabinet” that you can customize folders to keep graphics, photos, and documents tidy. And the best part is, it has unlimited storage capacity.
  • This type of storage can be accessed by board members for years to come.