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5 Tips to Simplify Your Holidays

We are entering the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Holiday parties, school functions, work functions, baking, volunteer commitments–there’s so much to do yet it goes by in such a blur. This season, take time to slow down and enjoy all the little things the season has to offer. Use these 5 tips to be mindful and appreciate the holiday season.

1. Go for quality over quantity. Don’t go overboard buying the fanciest new decorations for your home or the most expensive new toy for the kids. Be thoughtful when you’re deciding what gift to choose or food to set out. The more you focus on quality, the more time you’ll have to celebrate and enjoy the season.

2. Just say NO! There is so much going on during the holidays that it’s hard to do everything. Choose the handful of things you want to do, parties you want to attend, or volunteer events you want to participate in and then SAY NO to the rest! It will be much less stressful on you and your entire family if you don’t try to do it all.

3. Make time for yourself. The reason you hear about the importance of self care so much is because it’s TRUE! If you are tired and stressed, how will you be able to enjoy the holidays and help your family, school, members, and friends enjoy them too? Take time to do something just for you. Maybe take a stroll through the cute shops–not with an agenda or list, but just to browse and be inspired. Or, sit with your peppermint mocha and do some people watching. Our favorite thing to do is sit by the fire and watch a new or old holiday movie! You will be well-rested and then able to help others.

4. Be Prepared. Usual habits change during the holidays due to heightened commitments and extra guests in your house. If you know you go through a ton of paper towels during the holidays, stock up when you see a sale. Do you always run out of wrapping paper and tape? Grab some extra rolls. It also never hurts to have a few extra pies from your favorite bakery ready to go. Think of other things that typically bring the stress and then plan ahead to avert that crisis!

5. Focus. With so much going on, it’s easy to lose focus on what we’re doing all this for. Don’t lose sight of the reason you celebrate the season, and the overall themes of gratitude, love, giving, and togetherness. Remain mindful of the why and you’ll set yourself up for a calm, stress-free holiday season

We realize how much you do, and to show our THANKS, we have a GIFT for you. Please download and use these holiday graphics for free! They’re great in emails to your child’s teacher, your organization’s newsletter, on social media…anywhere!

Have a magical, simple, stress-free holiday!

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