Kudos! — Brinker Elementary PTA Advocates for Students and Families with Help from Membership Toolkit and SignUpGenius

07-23-2020 10:24 AM Comment(s)

The SignUpGenius and Membership Toolkit teams have recently partnered to integrate two of the top tools designed to help volunteers eliminate busywork, so you have more time for the important stuff.

Brinker Elementary PTA in North Texas set their top priorities for the year to include "advocacy for our students and their families, educational success and wellbeing of all students, promoting diversity and an environment of acceptance, and strong community engagement". They were able to reach these lofty goals by using Membership Toolkit and SignUpGenius together. 


Ryann Bills, incoming PTA President, describes communication as one of the organization's top challenges. "Increasing the effectiveness of our communications, membership reach, and parent involvement are always of importance, and something we strive to improve upon year after year," says Bills. "Being able to reach our families with important information and opportunities, in a way that is easy for them to access and disseminate, allows us to be a more productive organization."

One way Membership Toolkit helps Parent Organizations like Brinker improve their communications is by making it easy to send emails to specific groups. Administrators can create customized emails by grade and send out grade-specific emails with the click of a button. PTA leaders can personalize the order and registration process for the students. "Utilizing the many tools offered by Membership Toolkit has resulted in increased member traffic to our website site and an increase in open and click-through rates in our communications," says Bills.

Now, with the integration of Membership Toolkit and SignUpGenius, parent organizations like Brinker PTA have been able to open up sign up creation to many more users.  Bills says SignUpGenius gives PTA chairs, beyond those who manage overall communications,  the ability to create sign ups more quickly and easily, without needing to log into or learn the Toolkit Dashboard. "SignUpGenius gives them more autonomy and the ability to have more ownership over their chairmanship execution."

Thanks to the combined features of Membership Toolkit and SignUpGenius, organizations can control the big picture aspects using Membership Toolkit — from directory management to fundraising initiatives to website updates — while coordinating volunteer sign ups and planning individual events through SignUpGenius, all in one streamlined spot.

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