Celebrate Volunteers Even When You Can't Celebrate In Person

03-31-2020 1:55 PM Comment(s)
Celebrate Your Volunteers Virtually - Tips from Membership Toolkit

Volunteer Appreciation Week is April 19-25. Volunteers appreciate being recognized for their time, dedication, and efforts. Just because schools, businesses, etc. are temporarily closed and distance keeps you apart doesn't mean you can't find creative ways to show appreciation.

How can you show appreciation to your volunteers in a virtual environment?

We have put together some great ideas to help you recognize your volunteers while maintaining a safe, social distance:

Write Thank You Notes

Handwritten notes are very personal. Write of your best memory of them in action this past year or include a quote that reflects their commitment. Drop these into the mailbox, place on their front porch, or tape them to the front door. Or, you could also send an e-card.

Newsletter or Webpage Spotlight

Feature a “Volunteer of the Week/Month” in your communications. You could even have them fill out a data form/questionnaire about his/her likes and activities. If you want to go one step further—ask them to share a photo you can post.

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Put Their Name in Lights

Utilize the school marquee or a social media post to call attention to your volunteers as a group or a single volunteer each week.

​Volunteer Certificates

Create a simple certificate using online resources such as www.iclicknprint.com. You can recognize each volunteer in a virtual meeting or share the recognition through Social Media.

Year in Review

Create and share an online slideshow with PowerPoint, Prezi (www.prezi.com) or other online tool memorializing the year from event photos.

Yard Sign

Place a sign in their yards such as “An awesome PTO Volunteer lives here!”, "An awesome HOA volunteer lives here!", etc.

Window Signs

Have the neighbors make thank you signs and put them in their windows for fellow neighbors to walk/drive by and spot on a scavenger hunt.

Virtual Toast

Drop off a bottle of sparkling juice with an invitation to join a virtual meeting in celebration. During the virtual meeting take the time to toast all volunteers for their hard work and dedication!

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How are you celebrating your volunteers? Please share your ideas with us in the comments!

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