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Customers Reveal Their TOP 10 FAVORITE FEATURES

Every year we ask our customers to let us know what they love about Membership Toolkit! And we also ask them to let us know where we can make improvements. Here are the Top Ten Features that our customers love!

“It’s so much easier to put our directory together this way. We used to spend days typing up member information. Now it practically builds itself!”

This has eliminated the paper work. Makes everything so convenient. Booster members LOVE it!”

“We were able to communicate more efficiently, raise more money and offer more services to our families. Members have commented that they have never felt so knowledgeable about what is going on at our school as in this past year with Membership Toolkit.”

“… It helps streamline our volunteer process as everyone is using the same system. Members don’t have to learn multiple types of software or websites to sign up for each of their children’s class activities. It saves us a lot of paperwork as well.”                     

Volunteers are released to do what they need to do. Not to send endless e-mails and reminders and unanswered follow up!”                 

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Makes it easy for nearly all of our  board to do their job whether they are the webmaster, treasurer, directory coordinator, VP of volunteers, membership or president. The entire board, staff and the families at schools using this product can all benefit from using Membership Toolkit for their organization”     

“Membership Toolkit has revolutionized the way that our organizations conduct business, organizes volunteers, and has streamlined & simplified all of our communications.”

“Membership Toolkit has allowed us to integrate our website, email, communication, and online payments through one service. Our members love the convenience and our PTA officers love how easy it is to use!”

We were able to eliminate 5 different software packages when we moved to Membership Toolkit. It’s easy to learn and the customer service is one of the best in the business.”

I used to spend hours processing credit cards, and creating invoices. Now the members are responsible for those functions. Gives me more opportunity to better spend my time on other aspects the organization needs me to do.”

Membership Toolkit was created to make engaging your members and managing your organization easy. Organizations use our tools to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate so they can focus on making a difference in their community. Interested in learning more? Schedule a demo!

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