Fall Membership Drive

Fall Membership Drive

It’s that time of year again! You’re gearing up for new members and welcoming back old ones. While this year may look a bit different, there are still some things you can do to increase your membership.

Membership Drives are essential to organizations to build a foundation of support and volunteers to accomplish yearly goals. We’ve rounded up 6 tips to help make your Fall Membership Drive a success!

Set a Goal

Don’t pull a number out of thin air. Set a realistic goal based on last year’s numbers and tailored to your families and members. You may choose to have a catchy goal that you can use as a slogan to market to members like “Lucky 777” or “2,020 in 2020”.

In addition to setting a numbers goal for membership, make sure your board has set goals for the year and use these goals to encourage membership. If you are working toward a specific goal, members are more likely to join and get excited about what they might help accomplish.

Form a Committee

With your board most likely focused on getting the organization ready for a new season, a committee formed specifically to help with membership can take a lot of pressure off and allow the board to focus on other tasks. Have a diverse group with varying levels of membership tenure, ages, and career stages that can help you reach each potential new member.

Make it Easy

It doesn’t matter how hard you work to recruit new members, if it isn’t easy to sign up, they won’t do it. No one likes paperwork! Get rid of it by allowing members to fill out forms and pay online. Less typing for you means greater convenience for all involved. You can even increase membership when you offer online sign-up. Participants love the convenience and no more data entry for your board members.

Use the Phone

Members are busier than ever and things slip through the cracks often. A phone call can be a great reminder for members to sign up and you are also able to identify any problems with signing up or address any questions potential members may have. You can direct potential members to sign up online or help them sign up over the phone.

Make sure to include previous members in your calls. You can gather valuable information about why they haven’t joined again or provide a reminder.

Encourage Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Offer current members an incentive to encourage new members to join. You could offer a ticket to an annual fundraiser or a small gift card. Or, offer a larger incentive for the member who recruits the most new members.

Give a shout out to those who are actively bringing in new members in the newsletter or on social media. This recognition could encourage other members to do the same.

Use Your Social Media

Use your social media platforms to post daily reminders about your membership drive. You can use catchy hashtags like #MembershipMonday or include new members in a feature.

Free Graphics!

We have some fun, FREE graphics you can download below. Use them in your social media to attract new members!

Need help? Download instructions below.

Download Instructions


  • Click on the image to view it full size, then right-click the image.
  • Choose the command “Save Picture As.”
  • Use the Save Picture dialog box to find a location to save the picture.
  • Click the Save button.

    You can also drag the image from the web page window out onto the desktop or into any open folder window. (You might be prompted to click Yes or No to ensure that dragging the image is okay, which it should be.)


  • Click on the image to view it full size, then using two fingers to tap on the track pad (or right click;  or control + click)
  • Select “Save Image As” from the dropdown menu.
  • Name the image, and choose where it to be saved
  • Click Save.

    You can also drag-and-drop the image onto the desktop or into any open folder window. 

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