Personal Fundraising Campaigns

02-11-2020 9:12 AM Comment(s)
Personal Fundraising Campaigns From Membership Toolkit - Keep More of Your Fundraising Dollars!

Personal fundraising campaigns work. Why? Because people give more when they give directly to kids they know!

How Does It Work?

1. Pick ANY Type of Fundraiser

Fun runs and color runs are popular! But you can also host fundraising scrimmages, dance-a-thons, read-a-thons or a “Battle of the Bands.”

Choose an event-type that excites your group!

2. Easy Online Setup

Our online tools make it easy set a fundraising goal, craft a message and invite members to register. We provide a checklist!

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3. Keep More of What You Raise

No more paying 40-60% to a fundraising group. You keep nearly 95% of the funds you bring in! Three percent of each donation is collected to cover the fundraising tool cost, and if a credit card processor is used in the transaction, the usual rates apply.

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