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Start a New Family Tradition This July 4th

Family traditions are a huge part of an Independence Day Celebration. While the day may look a little different this year, we can still continue our traditions or start new ones to properly enjoy and celebrate our independence. Take advantage of the warmer weather and longer days to adjust your typical 4th of July plans or start an entirely new tradition!

Have a Bike Parade

While most parades are being canceled around the country, you can still participate in a smaller way. Decorate the family’s bikes in red, white, and blue and get a neighborhood parade together. You can safely keep your distance while biking and neighbors can join or come out to their yard to watch.

Put on Your Own Fireworks Show

Everyone loves a fireworks show. Most of the larger fireworks celebrations have been canceled, but you can find fireworks at a roadside stand and put on your own show (safely of course–check out these safety tips from Parents). You can also find alternatives to fireworks like light up bracelets and necklaces.

Make Your Own Festival

Another fun tradition that might look a little different this year is attending a festival. Our favorites are the ones surrounding fruit that is in season like the Parker County Peach Festival in Texas or the National Cherry Festival in Michigan. If you can’t get out to a fruit festival this year, bring the fun to your home or neighborhood! Recreate those fun games like a cherry pit spitting contest, or a peach pie-eating contest. Find some great recipes and make your chosen fruit ice cream, pie, or cobbler. You can stay with the festival theme and make a funnel cake, turkey leg, or roasted corn. And of course you can crown a member of your family Peach king or queen!

Make a Waterpark

The weather in July is usually pretty steamy so why not have the kids make a waterpark in the yard. Water balloons are always a hit (pun intended) and there are so many fun water sprinklers and toys out there. You can even show the kids what you used to play with (think Slip N Slides and clown sprinklers–yes, they still make them).

Make the best of our odd July 4th celebrations this year by starting a new tradition. In these extenuating circumstances, some really fun and memorable traditions might emerge and who knows, they could carry on a long time and make for a good story for your kids.

How are you adjusting your July 4th traditions? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

We have some FREE July 4th graphics for you to use! Just right-click and save to your computer. Happy Independence Day!

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