The Ransom Note Look and Other Font Issues You Can Easily Fix

03-26-2019 8:09 PM Comment(s)
Fixing Font Issues

Membership Organization websites are often riddled with visual font chaos. Sometimes it’s "too many cooks in the kitchen”. Other times there are just so many fun fonts out there, how’s a girl to choose?

We’ve been there. We get it!

BUT— poor use of fonts and font colors can create major readability problems for your visitors, and distract them from your message. 

Below are 3 major text problems to avoid— and quick-fix suggestions to solve them.

1.  The Ransom Note Look

The Problem:

There are TONs of fun fonts to choose from—and it can be tempting to use every one that appeals to you. But the result is what our chief developer calls “the ransom note look”--visual chaos, which distracts from your content.

Ransom Note Look and How to Fix It

The Solution:

Use “fun fonts” for logos and important events that you really want to stand out. Otherwise, restrict yourself to 1-2 basic fonts, and use them throughout your website. This will restore visual harmony, and make your “special” content feel special again.

2.  Um...I need a magnifying glass to read that!

The Problem:

Today most visitors surf the web on tiny cell phones and iPads—not desktops as in years past. Alas! Perfectly-sized text on your desktop is tiny on your cell.

The Solution:good_text-538865-edited.png

Switch to a “mobile-friendly” web template. Through the magic of code (which you will never
have to see),  font sizes and layouts adjust to match the device used to access the site. Which means parents can easily read your content!

3.  That just makes my eyes TIRED!

The Problem:

Eye fatigue. The problem is real!

Take a look at the example below. If it seems like too much effort to read, you are in good company! Most of us wouldn’t take the time. The text is small, and doesn’t stand out much from the background. The lines are crowded together, and the paragraphs are long. 

Easy Font Mistakes to Fix

The solution: 

Work to make a text easy on the eye!

  • Good contrast between the text and the background 
  • Ample space between lines
  • Frequent paragraph breaks 
  • Easy-to-read font style (san-serif is easier online)
  • Thick margins (which means less back and forth eye movement)

Bottom Line

Happy readers stick around longer. So that’s the goal: to make reading a pleasure! You want your members to know what’s going on, and how they can get involved. So make adjustments to your text so that it’s easier to read— to encourage members stay around longer.

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