Volunteer Coordinators--Get Ready For a New Year

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Volunteer Coordinators; Get Ready for a New Year - Tips from Membership Toolkit

It's time to get your ducks in a row before a new school year starts. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth transition for your volunteer team.

  • Please make sure that ALL volunteers have applied for their background checks (this includes you and all Board Members also). All volunteers must be approved before volunteering within the building. It is your responsibility to verify their approval status. Please work with the office staff to get regularly updated approval lists. Please remind your volunteers to bring a government issued photo ID upon their first visit to the campus. Remember to mark the approvals through the Volunteer tab on your Membership Toolkit site.

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  • Welcome your new volunteers with a phone call, an e-mail, or host an on-site orientation. Volunteers appreciate knowing where to go and how to use the tools available to them. This could include showing them how to use the laminator, where the PTO storage is located, or which bathroom they should use while on campus. Please also include emergency procedures when on campus (i.e. lockdown, inclement weather, fire drills, etc....) The office staff will direct you on these safety measures. Your volunteers will have confidence and in-turn will be more successful for you

  • Listen to your volunteers. Recently, someone asked if I was creative or made crafts as a hobby. I said, “No.” What do you know—they put me in charge of decorating. What? If she had listened, she would have known that I prefer sales. I could have had record sales at the Book Fair had she listened to my response. Instead, she got a big receipt for reimbursement since I went shopping for decorations.

  • Remember to treat each and every one of our volunteers with kindness. If they are willing and have the desire to helpit is our responsibility to develop trust and nurture relationships with our volunteers. Our goal is to have our volunteers become regular volunteers who will return to help...and one day will take our placewhen we leave.


Check your attitude before arriving to your event. Your duty is to make volunteering desirable as we all have a choice of where to spend our time. If you are having fun—your volunteers are having fun.

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