Ways to Welcome New Families to Your Neighborhood

It’s that time of year again. Houses in the neighborhood put up their For Sale signs and before you know it, there will be a whole slew of SOLDs and lots of new faces to welcome. Moving to a new area can be scary, but a little can go a long way in making new neighbors feel comfortable in their new community. Check out these ideas on how to make your new neighbors feel welcome.

Go Local

Bring over local neighborhood magazines and papers along with some great delivery/take-out menus from the area.

Deliver a Welcome Basket including:

  • an invite to the next HOA meeting
  • donations from a local store (book store, fabric store, etc.)
  • a fridge magnet with the HOA website and Facebook Page info
  • coupons to the local pizza place or Chinese delivery restaurant along with brochures
auction basket

Welcome Meal

Have your neighborhood watch party captains organize a meal within the first week. Have neighbors sign up for main course, salad, and dessert. Include your HOA information and an invitation to the next HOA meeting. Share the names of families on the block (if permitted) along with the kids’ names and even pets!

Welcome Party

Twice a Year, host a Welcome to the Neighborhood gathering. This could be a pool party or a get together at a community park. Serve light refreshments and introduce board members and new families.

Respect Privacy

Make sure to give a warm welcome but also give some space to those who may need some time to warm up.

Use Your Newsletter

Highlight new families in your newsletter or on social media. Download and use our FREE graphics below.

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