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So how does this sound?

You can say goodbye to endless reams of paperwork, and the liability that comes with physically handling lots of cash at back-to-school events. Your families will have a much easier time filling out forms (no repeating the same information over and over), the forms will be legible, AND parents can pay by credit card—for uniforms, meals and dues online if they choose—from the comfort of their own home. No more standing in endless lines! 

That's just the start of what Membership Toolkit can do!

Software to Manage Your Booster Club - Membership Toolkit

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Tips and features for Fine Arts Booster Clubs

Sell Anything Your Booster Club Needs to Sell with Your Online Store - Membership Toolkit

Sell anything!

Every subscriptions comes with a website, which you can use to sell almost anything —booster club memberships, donations, trip fees, pre-game meals, practice wear, entrance fees, tickets to events, banquet fees, etc. Parents appreciate the convenience of paying online— and record-keeping becomes so much simpler. If there are questions about an order in the future, anyone with Dashboard access can look up the information quickly via computer or smart phone. 

No more lines. No more paperwork.

Regardless of whether you are a parent, director or volunteer, EVERYONE hates paperwork! Say good-bye to long lines and mind-numbing data entry. Move your registration and permission forms online, and collect payment at the same time– day or night. 

Forms are customized to your needs, so be sure to ask for all the details you need to run your club smoothly: instrument(s) played, grade, class-type, marching or not, etc. 

DIY Fundraising

Be sure to check out our DIY Personal Fundraising add-on feature. Host your own fundraising color run, battle of the bands, or any event that excites your group. Hold team competitions.  

Best of all, you keep 95% of the funds you bring in!

Personalized Fundraising Where You Keep More - Membership Toolkit

Easy-to-edit website

We’ve seen it before. A designer creates an amazing website for a booster club— and the next year, no one can edit it. That won't happen with your Membership Toolkit website! If you can type an email, you can edit and add-to your website. Really! And because it was created with parent volunteers in mind, the webmaster job is easy to transfer.

Update your site regularly and it will become a rally point and trusted resource for the music and fine arts families at your school. Let parents know what's happening, how to participate and who to contact with questions.
Recruit, Remind, & Thank Your Booster Club Volunteers - Membership Toolkit

Recruit, coordinate and thank volunteers

Recruit new volunteers day and night with an online "interest form." Parents and others in the community can use this form to tell you how they prefer to help. When an event comes up and you need volunteers, email specific  volunteer types— or everyone—depending on your need. Volunteers can then login and sign up for specific days and times. 

You can also use the system to send automated reminders and thank you notes. Most of us need reminding, and all of us love to be thanked!

Accounting tools — track student fundraising credits

Treasurers will particularly love the reports and how easy it is to have account credits integrated with their bookkeeping.   Most booster clubs do some form of personalized fundraising, and the system is set up to track student credits and apply them towards purchases or trip payments.  

Our  accounting system was built to accommodate treasurers of all experience levels. Set budgets, run reports, record transactions, know at a glance who owes you money, and where the money is going. The accounting system works seamlessly with your online store and forms, which means one less thing to manage. 

Mass communicate like a pro

Newsletters and emails are great ways to keep families informed and connected.  We provide templates for a customized look.  If you have a current email list for your families, copy/paste it into the system, and drive families to your website in no time at all. Need to send targeted messages? Your database is sortable by grade level, class, instrument played, etc. Are people reading what you sent? Tell with just a few clicks whether someone has opened your messages or not!
Email & Newsletters are Easy with Membership Toolkit

Friendly (and actually helpful) customer support 

Being a leader is a powerful but vulnerable thing. There's nothing worse than needing help, and not getting it. 

We've been there—so we take our customer service seriously!  All of our reps have meaningful experience, and are eager to help you succeed.

We've put together an Idea Book for you to see the many different ways your organization can benefit from using Membership Toolkit.  Download a copy of our Idea Book here.

Your free trial awaits!