Calendars are a great way to encourage participation in your organization's events. By keeping your calendar(s) current, you greatly increase the likelihood that visitors will see your website as the go-to source for current information.

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Create one calendar—or many

Create and display as many calendars as you like. Many times, a single calendar will do. For other groups, multiple calendars make more sense. If, for instance, you are a booster club that supports multiple sports, consider setting up a separate calendar for each sport and another for events all groups share. You will then have the freedom to display calendars together or separately.

Display iCal calendars from other sources

If you already have a calendar you would like to include on your Membership Toolkit site and can't imagine all the data entry and time it will to transfer to your new calendar, you will want to utilize our option to display external calendars. We give you the calendar option to locally host or externally host via iCal feed. 

Calendar subscriptions

Those who register on your website gain access to calendar subscriptions. Subscribing allows your organization's calendar(s) to be imported into your guests' personal calendars (Google, or Mac Calendar for example). Imported calendars automatically update periodically.

Your members can also subscribe to the "Volunteering Calendar." When they sign up to volunteer through your website, service dates and times will automatically appear on their personal calendar.

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