Email & Newsletters

Communicating is tough. Our tools will keep your emails and newsletters flying in formation, and you will be communicating like a pro.

create targeted, personalized emails & newsletters with Membership Toolkit.

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Save time by setting up automatic thank yous and reminders with Membership Toolkit.

Send automated reminders and say thanks

Thank a donor for their contributions to your organization. Tell a volunteer their time is appreciated when they sign up. Copy the president on an email. With Membership Toolkit, you can to all of this without lifting a finger.

Send e-Newsletters

Our system makes it easy to quickly send an email to one person, a group of people, or your entire database. Templates and tools are provided to help brand your communications with your organization's logo, colors and content design.  Don't recreate the wheel!  Once your newsletter is branded, just duplicate it for upcoming communications.

Membership Toolkit provides easy to read metrics that let you know if your communications are being received and read by your members.

Was it delivered? Did they open it?

What percentage of contacts opened your last newsletter? Are you gaining or losing readers over time? What about Danny Stone, did he open the email you sent?  Track your stats and find out.

Up-to-date contacts in one place

Keeping your organization's contact list in a secure location online (as opposed to a board member's desktop computer in Excel), makes it much easier to do business efficiently. 

Your contacts update their information yearly, so your database stays current. Your database is integrated with all of your other online tools which allows you to send emails from any part of the system quickly and confidently.

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