People give more when they give directly to people they know. This is what makes our personal fundraising add-on feature so powerful. Every Membership Toolkit subscriber can collect donations and raise funds by simply setting up a donation/sales form, and using our Fundraising Essentials Tool personalizes the process. Read on, to see how it works!

Want a one-on-one demo?

Personalized pages — for each participant

When a participant signs up online to take part in your fundraiser, they will automatically receive a personalized page. They can then customize their page in several ways: upload a picture, write a letter to future donors, and set a personal goal. The site also makes it fast and easy to invite family and friends to give!

Keep more of what you raise!

No more paying 40-60% to a fundraising group. You keep nearly 95% of the funds you bring in! Three percent of each donation is collected to cover the cost of the fundraising tools, and if a credit card processor is used in the transaction, the usual rates apply.

Pick any type of fundraiser

Fun runs and color runs are popular, but you can host any sort of event. Whether it's fundraising scrimmages, dance-a-thons, read-a-thons or a “Battle of the Bands," choose an event that excites your group, and go for it!

Ready to launch in minutes

Setting up a Fundraising Campaign is fairly simple from an administration standpoint.  Set a goal, craft a message and invite fans, friends and neighbors to log in and register. We provide a checklist! You can be up and running in minutes.

Raise more when you compete

Most fundraisers gain momentum through competition. Should you choose to do so, you can set up teams and allow classes/groups/teams to compete against each other for bragging rights or actual prizes. 

Work 1-on-1 with fundraising experts

Campaigns can be set up entirely on your own. However, if you lack the time, or just want an extra boost, you can pay our experts for an "above and beyond" level of service. They can setup your campaign, offer advice on how to maximize fundraising, and if needed manage the entire fundraising campaign from start to finish. Just ask for a quote.

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