Message Boards

Message Boards make it easy to communicate with groups of people you define.  They can be used no matter what type of organization you run:

  • PTOs & PTAs - Room parents or teachers can communicate with their classrooms
  • Athletic Boosters - Team parents can communicate with just their team
  • HOAs - Committee chairs can communicate with their members or participants
  • Fine Arts Boosters - Band trip chaperones can communicate with everyone participating in the trip

Control who can post

You assign an admin (or a couple of admins) to each Message Board.  The admin(s) can then post messages to the group without ever needing access to the back-end of your site! Once a message is posted, everyone in the group receives an email where they can read the post or log onto your website to see all the posts associated with your group. 

Messages delivered straight to your inbox

Message board messages appear on the Message Board and are also delivered to you by email, so you never miss an important post.

Want a one-on-one demo?


Allow your community members to discuss important topics or brainstorm new ideas.  Turn on Comments for any web page on your site to all back and forth discussion.  You control who can comment and who can see the comments.  This feature is a favorite of our customers, helping: 

  • PTOs & PTAs - Committee Members communicate to plan the gala for the school's annual fundraiser
  • HOAs - Create a "Lost Pet" Page where members can post if their pet has gone missing so everyone is quickly alerted
  • Any Non-Profit - Board Members discuss important topics

Control who can post

Each web page on your site comes with the option to allow comments. Turn this feature on, use it strategically, and you have a web page that allows for discussion and brainstorming!  You determine what types of people within your organization can post messages and comment. 

Never miss a message

Comments appear on the web page.  You are notified by email of new comments, they are batched every 4 hours so that notifications do not become too much for your inbox.  

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