Mobile App

Our new and improved mobile app may be the very best way to use Membership Toolkit. It's fast, with instant access to key features such as: directory, calendar, volunteer signups, store and more. And all the content of your website is just a click away.

Membership Toolkit's free Mobile App allows your users to access all of your content in the palm of their hand.

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A great way to send quick reminders and announcements to your group! Administrators can send notifications— which are presented to group members via the app. Individuals can control whether they want to receive notifications. 
Membership Toolkit's app allows admins to send notifications to your members.
Membership Toolkit's online store makes selling things a breeze.  The app makes purchasing them just as easy!
Your Membership Toolkit calendars appear on the app and users can sync it to their personal device.


Beautiful & easy to navigate!

Multiple Groups

Work with multiple organizations? No problem! Only, one login to remember and you can toggle between them all.

The Membership Toolkit app allows you to easily navigate to any of your Membership Toolkit sites.

Directory and "Favorites" 

The directory section of the app makes it incredibly easy to find schoolmates for playdates, friends for tennis, and neighbors for meetings. Lists are fully searchable, and you can add people to your "Favorites," making it easier to find them in the future. 

The Membership Toolkit app allows you to mark your most common directory searches so you can easily find your 'favorites'.

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