Sales & Donations

The ability to complete financial transactions online is truly empowering. Once you are set up, there's almost no limit to what your organization can sell — membership dues, spirit gear, raffle tickets, meal vouchers, gala tickets, trips — the sky's the limit.

Plus, you can accept donations, host fundraisers, set up corporate sponsorship programs, and more!

Create an online store to sell whatever your organization needs with Membership Toolkit.

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Purchasing is made easy for your members when you create an online store with Membership Toolkit.

An online store that’s easy to manage! 

If you can type an email, you have the skills needed to setup and maintain an online store with Membership Toolkit!  Visitors love the "anytime" convenience of using a credit card to buy the things online. You will love managing LESS paperwork, cash and checks. 

Our Customer Success Team is ready to help, should you need it. We can even arrange to setup your store for you!

Low transaction fees

Setting up the financial side of your account involves a choice of payment processors. Each processing company has different benefits and drawbacks. Depending on how many credit card orders you process, one company will probably be a better match for your group. Our goal is to give you options, so you can keep more of the money your organization brings in!

Membership Toolkit's online store make selling, and distributing, easy and efficient for your organization!

Track delivery of physical items

If you sell physical items, it's important to track delivery. Administrators can do this easily through the Dashboard. You can also track online sales, cash payments, and offline sales, and instantly see if you are meeting your sales or donation goals. 


Sometimes you can sell an infinite amount of something (like memberships and accepting donations). Other times, you can only sell a limited amount. For those items, inventory control is a must.  Our system tracks the number of purchased items. Once they are gone, buyers will see that it is "Sold Out". 

And if you sell items "offline” like cash sales at an event, simply make a manual adjustment to your online inventory later.

Membership Toolkit's Online Store makes selling - and purchasing- a breeze for your organization.

24/7 sales anytime, anywhere 

If you are still collecting payments through paper forms and mailed in checks, you need to see how easy it is to do business online.  Anyone with internet access can make a purchase or donate using their mobile device, iPad, computer, laptop, etc., and they can purchase anywhere – at the office, on-the-go, or at home in their pajamas! People expect this convenience, and many groups see a huge spike in sales when this expectation is met. 

Keep better records with less paperwork 

We know you're busy, and handling mounds of paperwork is a big waste of time. An online store is a time saver for volunteers, customers, members, and donors because transactions are captured in one place automatically.

Our system records a detailed trail that is easy to follow after the sale. This is great news for your administrators because if someone calls wondering why they never received their order, you can simply look online and say, "Yes, I see your order was placed last month. It was delivered to your oldest child's classroom.” 

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