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Many people dream of running a sports team or association but few understand just how much goes into being successful at it. Collecting fees, organizing players, communicating, and managing volunteers for key events can be overwhelming. Not to mention, you can end up doing a lot of repeat data entry if you don't have one central tool by which to manage it all. We are here to put a little extra wind in your sails, and make the journey smoother. We are cheering for you!

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Tips and features for Sports Teams & Associations

Your Online Store can Sell Anything You Need from Gear to Dues to Event Tickets with Membership Toolkit

Make joining (and paying) less painful

Want to make life instantly easier for everyone— including yourself? Get rid of as much paperwork as possible!  Move registration forms and anything else you can think of online. 

When participants register on your site, they enter their own information—which means no more deciphering handwriting, and no more data-entry for you! All forms can be customized, so you can collect as many details as you need to have a smooth year—crew assignments, emergency contact details, insurance info... anything. 

Participants also get the ease of paying by credit card.   Sales are recorded, inventories updated, and receipts sent automatically. Plus, you can sell anything! Collect practice, tournament or uniform fees for each participant. Traveling teams can collect and manage travel expenses as well as allow partial payments for large expenditures. For physical items such as uniforms, merchandise and game day meals, run reports to make delivering items a piece of cake.

Volunteers needed

Need items for an event? Create a sign-up form. Need to grow a volunteer base?  Set up a volunteer interest form. Parents and others in the community can use this form to tell you how they prefer to help. 

When an event comes up and you need volunteers, email specific volunteer types— or everyone—depending on your need. Volunteers can then login and sign up for tournaments, concession sales, team meal delivery and more at specific days and times. 

Use the system to send automated reminders and thank you notes to your volunteers. Most of us need reminding, and all of us like to be thanked!

Fundraising can be fun!

Donors give more, when they give directly to people they know — which is what makes our "personal" fundraising add-on feature so powerful. Setting up a Fundraising Campaign is simple.  Set a goal, craft a message and invite participants to register—then invite friends and family to give. Your fundraising tools and accounting system are connected, so credits earned by a participant can be easily applied to future purchases .

Personalized Fundraising Allows You to Keep More of What You Raise- Membership Toolkit

When is practice?

Communicating is tough, especially mass emailing! Our system will keep your emails and newsletters flying in formation, and you will be communicating like a pro. Newsletter templates make it easy to communication regularly with team members. Emails are great for sending simple reminders. Your database can be sorted by team, grade, status, position, etc. Use this feature to create smart lists. Send an email to everyone, a predefined group, or just one person.

Online calendars are another good way to keep everyone up-to-date on upcoming practices, games, tournaments, and more. If your organization has sub-groups or multiple teams, create a calendar for each one — and color code them. Encourage participants to subscribe to the calendar of their choice.

Customize Your Site so You Communicate with the Groups You Need -  Membership Toolkit

Accounting — track money easily

Treasurers and office managers will be thrilled to know that the accounting system works seamlessly with your online store and forms. 

Set budgets, record cash transactions, know at a glance who owes you money, and where the money is going. 

Email reminders can quickly be sent to those with a balance due, and it's easy to pull the necessary reports. 

Concerned about financial transparency? Access your group's records any time day or night.

Permission granted!

Need permission slips for your players? Set them up as data forms, and ask parents to complete them online when they pay their fees and volunteer.  Coaches and team managers can quickly run reports that include all data captured —and access it on the road as needed.

Customize Forms to Collect the Information You Need without the Paperwork - Membership Toolkit

Great customer support

Being a leader is a powerful but vulnerable thing. There's nothing worse than needing help, and not getting it. 

We've been there—so we take our customer service seriously!  All of our reps have meaningful experience, and are eager to help you succeed.

We've put together an Idea Book for you to see the many different ways your organization can benefit from using Membership Toolkit. Download a copy of our Idea Book here.

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