Community— Feeling the pressure

I think we can all agree that we have a lot of stressed parents and kids this year.  The families who have lost jobs or family members, or who are struggling through illness, are even more strained. 

Ask your schools counselors for ideas and advice. Then see what you can do to decrease the pressure people in your community are under this year.


Food Pantry

Many community food pantries are experiencing increased demand, and are feeling the strain. Find out what sorts of goods they most need, and run a food drive to collect just those items.  

Virtual Meditation/Yoga class

Use an online meeting platform (like Zoom or Skype) to host a yoga class, meditation class, or any other sort of enriching class (drawing, karate, beatboxing, the list goes on). This is a great option if someone in your organization is a trained instructor or has special skills that they are willing to share.