Fundraising—Social-distancing style!

Odds are, your usual way of raising funds has been pretty much thwarted by social distancing requirements. But fear not! There are tons of ways to raise money that don't involve lots of bodies together! 

This year, try to focus on fundraisers that are simple to do, and involve very little human contact.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Just ask

As simple as it sounds, just asking can generate a lot of revenue– especially if you are clear on what the money will be used for.  Setting up a donation collection form on your Membership Toolkit site couldn't be easier! Then get the word out via social media and email. 

Read-a-thons & Bike-a-thons

Host a read-a-thon, bike-a-thon, walk-a-thon... or any other type of "a-thon" you can think of. Have participants get pledges payable for every mile they ride or page they read. We can help you set up collection forms for each child online.

Care Package Auction

Create several fun care packages and raffle them off! Winners get a basket of goodies, delivered to their home!

Spirit Night "Drive thrus"

Since going into a restaurant "en mass" may well be impossible, take advantage of drive thrus and order ahead options. 

101 Fundraising Ideas

If you are already a Membership Toolkit subscriber, you can access our master list of ideas here. Examples include:

  • Video game tournaments
  • Meal Delivery Raffles
  • Recycling events
  • Online Sports Clinics 
  • and more!!!
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