Leadership — in an ever-changing world

There is nothing more refreshing than a good leader when times are tough! And nothing is worse than a demanding leader when you are already stressed out. 

(You're the good kind. We're sure of it!)

We've witnessed some great leadership already this year, and think those people have some things in common! Here's what we've noticed:

Great leaders:

Recognize that this year will be very different  

Last year's plans may have worked great last year.  This year, not so much! So this year can't follow last year's pattern. Let go of what was behind—at least for now, and press into what's ahead.

Accept that plans are going to change

There is just no way around it. This is a year to ride the waves! Flexibility is the name of the game. Make your plans, but hold them loosely, and be willing to change your approach as year unfolds. 

Expect to work with less

When setting your goals, keep in mind that you may not have as many resources as last year. Budgets are tight, families may have far less income. And volunteers may already be tapped out. Expect that you will need to think outside of the box to do what needs to be done. We have suggestions for you to start with!

Don't turn to the dark side

When you are surrounding by negative news and whining people, it can be tough to think positively. But you are no fool to believe this year will be a good one. Unusual and stressful circumstances have a way of knocking us out of our routines, and forcing us to focus on what is most important. Not a bad thing!

Focus on what they most want to accomplish

This is a good year to scale back and be very purposeful about your goals.  Focus on doing just a few things, and doing them well.  What will bring relief and joy — not more stress? What will change your community situation for the better this year, if you can pull it off? 

Know that success isn't always about numbers

We often gauge success in terms of money. But there are many ways to have a profitable year.  Especially this year, look at other ways to measure your accomplishments and riches as a group. 

Are willing to let things go 

People are unusually fragile this year. Parents are stressed. Teachers are stretched. Decision makers may not give you the answers you need to do your job in a timely way.  If hitting your goal means hurting the people around you, be willing to let some things go.