If you are a membership chair, the idea of doing your job without the usual Back-to-School night may seem daunting. Fortunately we have some ideas that should make your job much easier!

Join us! It is your destiny.

Issue Digital Membership Cards

Here's a timely new feature—just released for Membership Toolkit customers! This year, your members can access a "digital" card, via the Membership Toolkit app. No more writing or printing labels, and no need to find ways to deliver the final product!!!! Members will have their cards the instant they join, and because cards are in the app, they won't ever get lost. 

Digital cards are fully customizable. Do-it-yourself, or ask one of our designers to create a custom card for you. 

The feature is free, and so is the app! (Apple Store and Google Play) 

Run an Online Marketing Campaign


Focus your message

When money is tight for families, it's important to be able to articulate clearly why becoming a member is worth the money. PTAs can share about how they advocate for kids in government—and why that is extra important this year. All groups can talk about the extra support and resources students will receive this year, including greater access to information as the year unfolds.