School Spirit— Together we can do it!

Now more than ever, it's important to feel part of something.  Isolation long term, just isn't good for the human soul.

Fortunately there are lots of great ways to encourage unity, even while we are physically apart. Here are some ideas we've seen across the country. 

Bring back that lovin' feeling!

Spirit Gear

Probably your normal ways of selling and distributing spirit gear will be different this year. Here are some ideas for making it work:

  • Pick a fun message for spirit shirts that celebrate the craziness of this year
  • Sell Masks with your logo on them
  • For delivery, include options on your order form such as "Front porch drop off," "Home with student" and "Pick up at school" (if you have Membership Toolkit software, this is easy to do, and easy to sort!)

Parades— and reverse parades

Celebrate as a community— from the safety of your car. Use the carpool line (or neighborhood streets) to say hi and reconnect. 

Spirit signs for yards

These can be be messages from teachers to students. Or they can be to students from your organization. 

Celebrate teachers, seniors, new students (like Kindergarteners or Freshmen), or all families associated with your organization.

Social Media —speak with hope

Almost every situation in life seems better or worse, depending on how you talk about it.  As a leader, how you speak about the challenges of this year on social media will either amplify the Good in it, or amplify Bad. 

We love organizations who set a tone for their people by speaking honestly—  and in a spirit of hope.  Not easy to do. But what a difference it makes!

To encourage connection and more active sharing, consider starting a "private" Facebook or Instagram group. Once you approve people to join, they can post — but those posts are only visible to members of the group. 

Facebook Instructions:

Instagram Instructions: