Volunteering— while Social Distancing

Not surprisingly, current circumstances have affected people's interest in volunteering. But— it's not all a bad news. 

Granted. Some of your "usual suspects" may be less available to volunteer. Homeschooling, sickness, finances, and other pressures have taken their toll on many families  However, others in your community have spent months now,  bored and isolated.  If you ask them, they just may jump at the chance to do something useful!

We think now is a great time to recruit some fresh faces! Especially if you give some thought ahead of time to what you want your volunteers to do. 

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

Happy to help!

Add "At home volunteering" to your volunteer form

Most schools tend to focus on tasks that can be done on campus.  This year, give your community an opportunity to help from home. Several schools also put a "Happy to Help" option on their forms. This collects a list of people who are generally glad to help out —regardless of the type of work— so long as they are free. 

Make it social

Now more than ever, people want an opportunity to socialize. Whenever possible, find ways to make volunteering less isolated. When people have fun, they tend to return. 

jobs that can be done while "social distancing"

  • Cutting or collating paper
  • Delivering packages
  • Tutor in your area of expertise
  • Mentoring
  • Pack kits or goodie bags
  • Record yourself reading a fun book for students
  • Write encouraging notes
  • Hand out lunches to disadvantaged kids
  • Make game kits for kids to play at home

Hospitality for exhausted teachers and staff

  • Talk to teachers about what they need and want
  • Provide "Survival kits" with things like sticky notes, pens, gum (which is great for mask wearing), peppermints...