"... all our needs into one place"

 In 2017 we welcomed the Association of Bragg Spouses to Membership Toolkit. We were thrilled to work with their team and very happy to hear that we were able to help their members save time and improve communications!

"I highly encourage other military spouses’ organizations to use Membership Toolkit.  It is combines all of our needs into one place which is what we did not have before.  All of our committees were operating individually which left our members wondering where to go to find the information they needed. 

Each chairperson is now able to email our membership regarding upcoming events and programs.  It has streamed line how we communicate and allows for an easy distribution of our newsletter as well. "

"The pay online feature has been extremely helpful to our members and our board.  It has saved us so much time by putting all of our paperwork online with easy to read spreadsheets to download and use as needed. 

I’m so glad that we have found Membership Toolkit!  The staff is extremely knowledgeable and efficient.They always ready to offer technical support and assistance when we need it.  I look forward to working with Membership Toolkit as our Association of Bragg Spouses continues to grow.  Thank you Membership Toolkit!
The Association of Bragg Spouses Board Members and the entire ABS membership thank you!"