"Communication has never been more effective..."

We are so glad to be part of Homewood's success. They really care about their members, and it's fun to see what they've done with the tools. 

"Our middle school located in Homewood, Alabama, has over 900 hundred students and 100 faculty members. It consists of sixth, seventh and eighth grade. Before using Membership Toolkit, our PTO operated in an antiquated manner and was in desperate need for innovative reform. Membership Toolkit became our solution.

Membership Toolkit offered solutions to many problems. We did not have a website and could not effectively communicate with our parents or teachers as a group or send them newsletters. We relied on room parent coordinators to send important information to parents by email. That often meant information was delivered late or ineffectively. Additionally, to raise money, we could only sell spirit gear at school events a few times a year, and the rate on returned checks nearly equaled the Membership Toolkit annual fee. Furthermore, our directory service was unreliable and complicated to use. 2016-2017 marks our second calendar year with Membership Toolkit and it has truly revolutionized our PTO.

Because Membership Toolkit provides fantastic, personalized customer service, creating and designing our website was super easy. Membership Toolkit was diligent in educating our Board members regarding how to use the features offered on the website, and made certain it was set up to fit our needs. Our new website is easy to navigate for both visitors and our administrators.
Using Membership Toolkit’s customer service is exceptional. Posing a question through the support ticket system is easy, and Membership Toolkit team members quickly respond. Your administrators make sure everything is going well for us, and because many of them have been PTO officers or directors, they possess a keen awareness about what our website should offer its members. Recently, our PTO wanted to change the design of our website and incorporate a live Facebook feed. Within hours Membership Toolkit had facilitated these changes for us."

"Our PTO can now communicate instantly with over 1200 parents, faculty and staff. We now send a newsletter twice a month which is easy to create and distribute. We can communicate with specific groups of people (e.g., 8th grade parents). Communication has never been more effective within our PTO, and parents, teachers and administration frequently express their appreciation regarding our new streamlined communication methods.

Membership Toolkit has other fantastic features. We have incorporated an online, 24-hour Spirit Store accessible to anyone who visits our site even if they do not have an account. Instead of slow email and online signups, our parent volunteers can now simply log on to our website and view all of the volunteer opportunities collectively and choose where they can volunteer. Our committee chairs expeditiously contact their volunteers by clicking one tab that generates an email to every volunteer. Other awesome features allow members to sync their personal digital calendars to our online calendar, and we also use the Membership Toolkit app that can be downloaded to a smart phone or tablet. This app allows us to instantly see a calendar or retrieve members’ contact information. This is incredibly helpful when you cannot remember someone’s name!

Finally, because of the success of our PTO’s Membership Toolkit experience, our high school PTO has also decided to join. We are also hoping that our school system’s three elementary schools will consider using your service as well.

As President of HMS PTO, I highly recommend Membership Toolkit. Membership Toolkit has unified our school, revamped our communication, and helped boost our fundraising. Membership Toolkit is the whole kit and caboodle. So do not hesitate - join today!"

Josephine Lowery, President of Homewood Middle School PTO (2016-2017), Alabama