Volunteers are vital to the function of many organizations. We make it easy for volunteers to sign up and for you to stay organized. 

Leverage the power of technology to handle mundane management tasks, and encourage and thank those kind souls who sign up to volunteer again and again. 

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Membership Toolkit has helped organizations schedule more than



Membership Toolkit has saved our board members hours of time in sorting volunteer forms and family payments. It has also made it easier for families to pay for activities and items.

Identify new volunteers

If you have been tasked with the job of recruiting and scheduling volunteers, you hold one of the most critical jobs in your organization! We make it easier to recruit new volunteers by offering a "Volunteer Interest" form. 

The rare person will do almost any job you ask them to do, but most people would rather do a job they feel qualified for. By allowing your contacts to tell you about their volunteer interests, you increase the likelihood that they will respond when you ask them to do something because its something they assume they will like. 

Send automated reminders

When a volunteer signs up, they can automatically receive an email confirming their volunteer selections. We recommend you also set the system to send at least one “tickler” which is a reminder sent one or more days before their volunteer shift.  Most people do need reminding! Plus, it’s a great opportunity to provide helpful information on where to go, what to do when they arrive, etc. 

Another great way to send reminders is having volunteers subscribe to the calendar for all the opportunities they have signed up for.  This way, all the events will present on their own personal calendar.

Contact every volunteer on your list or just one

When you need help with a task, start with the Volunteer Interest form. In a matter of seconds, you can email everyone who expressed an interest in the type of work you need to complete and directly ask for their help. 

Alternately, email all volunteers or just email a single person. 

The easiest way to say "thank you"

A great many volunteers will help out again and again, if they think their time and effort has been appreciated. Obviously, thanking people in person is the very best way to go about it, but it's not always practical. We suggest that you add an automated "thank you" message to go out the day after someone serves. 

Volunteer of the month

Another great way to encourage volunteerism is to feature one volunteer each month on your website and on social media. Not only does this recognition encourage the volunteer you chose, it stirs up a lively interest in your community to do likewise.

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