Welcome to Membership Toolkit!

We are thrilled to welcome the UpToUs customers to Membership Toolkit! 

Both of our companies have been leading technology providers in the parent organization marketplace and we look forward 
to continuing to provide the best tools to help organizations like yours engage with their communities.

Our team is here to make the transition easy

If you are an UpToUs Administrator or Leader of your organization, please fill out the “Sign Up To Learn More” form to get in touch with our Transition Team. 

After submitting the form, our Team will be in touch to schedule a time that is convenient for you to learn more about Membership Toolkit and discuss the transition from UpToUs.

 We can’t wait to meet you!

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"UpToUs and Membership Toolkit were both built from the ground up with the needs of schools and parent groups in mind! We believe that Membership Toolkit will be an excellent match for the needs of our members moving forward."

Yuval Spector, Founder, UpToUs

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“We are very excited to welcome the UpToUs members! Our team is committed to making this transition easy. We look forward to working with you."

Amy Newell, President, Membership Toolkit

Questions You Might Have

Q – How much work is this going to be?

A – There will be a small learning curve as you get familiar with our service. However, our support team will ensure that all the same features you currently enjoy with UpToUs are setup for you. If you choose, we can schedule to have your data from your UpToUs account transferred to your Membership Toolkit account.

 Q – Can you upload our new data after I receive it from our school?

A – Yes, your package includes one free upload of data each year.

Q – What are Membership Toolkit’s privacy policies regarding family data?  

A – We understand that parents are entrusting us with their family data and expect us to guard it like our very own.  Please read the following Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for details. We believe that our job is to do all that we can to maintain the privacy of your data.  If you have specific questions regarding security features, please reach out to support@membershiptoolkit.com

Q – How long do I have to make the move to Membership Toolkit?

A – Most organizations will want to make the move between now and when school starts. 

Q – Will our data migrate over? 

A – Yes. Your UpToUs profiles, event signups and emails will all migrate over upon request. This will ensure you’ll hit the ground running with no disruption in service.

Note, if your school imports new family contact information each year from your Student Information System, the contact details don’t need to be migrated.  We can import that data for you when it’s available.

Q – Do you have a mobile app?

A – Yes! It is free to download from the App Store and Google Play. It includes notifications, payments through the app, directory, and signups.

Q – Can I use my current PayPal account with Membership Toolkit?

A – Yes, we are integrated with PayPal and have other payment processors available as well. 

"Our Customer Support Team has one goal - to assure that every customer is successful. We look forward to showing you our world-class customer support and working with you to achieve your goals."

Nadine Murphy, Director of Customer Support, Membership Toolkit

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