​​Contact Management

The heart of the Membership Toolkit system is the "contact database." Think of it as a sophisticated, digital Rolodex filled with "contact cards." Each card contains basic information about a contact—plus how they are connected to your organizations and any other information you choose to collect. 

Membership Toolkit Allows You to Create an Accurate & Secure Contact Database

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Eliminate Paperwork with a Digital Database that is Secure & Accurate with Membership Toolkit

Say goodbye to data entry

If you already have a contact list, we can upload it. But what if you don't? How many hours will it take to enter everyone's information?

The answer is NONE. As people sign up on your website, they enter their own contact details. Not only does this save you many hours of typing, it eliminates most data entry errors. 

Collect the information you need

Whether you need minimum information or want to collect a bibliography, you choose what information we capture for each contact.  We include unlimited custom database fields with your account. 

For example; PTAs/PTOs might want to add student names, grades, teachers, and possibly whether on not someone is a "room parent.  Whereas HOAs might add custom details like subdivisions,  babysitters, pet sitters, and age of kiddos.

Secure and up-to-date information

Keeping your organization's contact lists in a secure location online (as opposed to, a board member's desktop computer in Excel), makes it much easier to do business efficiently. 

Your contacts update their information yearly, so your database stays current. Contacts choose their own passwords, and changing passwords is an automated process.  Everything is completed over a secure connection.

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