Custom Website

Your website is your "base of operations.” Every Membership Toolkit account comes with one. Sites are mobile-friendly—and regardless of your technical ability, your website can be edited by you. If you'd rather have us customize it for you, we can make that happen, too.

Easy to customize, mobile friendly website for your organization.  Technical skills not required. - Membership Toolkit

Want a one-on-one demo?

Easy to customize, mobile friendly website for your organization.  Technical skills not required. - Membership Toolkit

​No tech experience needed

If you can type an email, you can edit and add-to your website. Really! 

Our website tools are designed to accommodate everyone— from the "I've never wanted to be a website designer" to the master developer who prefers to work with the HTML & CSS. You won’t be starting with a blank slate. Your account includes a website template and popular sales and volunteer forms.

What's worse than no website? A website with old information. Which is why it’s so important for your tools to be easy!

Customize your site

What can you customize? EVERYTHING. Even if you aren’t a web designer, you can add new pages, change pictures, add text, create buttons, and more. You can even use your own domain name if you prefer. 

Membership Toolkit includes Google Translate with every subscription so everyone in your community can feel comfortable on your site!

​Google Translate — into any language

Google Translate, included in with your account, allows you to engage with everyone in your community in their language. Your website, volunteer forms and sales forms will translate. 

Unlimited web pages

There are no limits in the amount of web pages included in our Premium and Concierge Plans. Create away.

Transition to a new web administrator easily

We make transitions a breeze. We’ve seen it before. A web designer creates an amazing website and the next year, no one on your team can edit it. With our easy editing tools, that won't happen with your Membership Toolkit website. 

You can customize your site even further if you know and want to edit in CSS and HTML. - Membership Toolkit

Know code?

We know if you have code and CSS editing experience, you will want the power to edit the HTML and CSS yourself. We give you access to these tools, so there is no limit to your creativity!

Store files

Every site comes with a "file storage cabinet” for keeping images and organizing documents. If a document is important for your organization, storing it here means your administrators will have access to it, even if your laptop crashes. Just like the web pages mentioned above, your "file storage cabinet" has no storage limits either. 

Post interesting stories using the Blog Feature included in Premium and Concierge Membership Toolkit Subscriptions,


Our Premium and Concierge plans include a blog. Blogs are a great way to post  interesting stories about your group and keep important ideas flowing.

Members only pages

Most groups need to restrict access to certain web pages. Perhaps you have meeting minutes, or a collection of peer-reviewed articles that are reserved for "members only". Perhaps your board members need a place to store documents specific to their role in your organization. Tailor pages to their intended audience quickly and easily. 

Your free trial awaits!