Increase membership when you offer online sign-up. Participants love the convenience! No more data entry for your board members! 

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Collect dues

No one likes paperwork! Get rid of it by allowing members to fill out forms and pay online. Less typing for you, and greater convenience for all involved.

You may even collect more dues than usual. Elementary school PTA/PTO groups especially tend to see higher numbers than previous years. One of our customers had a 46% increase in their PTA membership their first year using Membership Toolkit! 

Send emails based on membership status

Need to increase your membership? Why not send an email to last year's members who have not yet signed up this year?

Membership reports

Many membership groups need to submit lists. Our reports provide an easy way to download your records to an Excel spreadsheet for easy submission.

Polls and questionnaires 

Honor your members by asking for their opinions. Polls and questionnaires can be a great way to involve everyone in the life of your community, and show them that you are listening. 

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