For groups that need a directory, Membership Toolkit is a dream come true because the directory builds itself! 

Membership Toolkit allows you to create a secure directory that you can access online or choose to print.

Want a one-on-one demo?

Eliminate Paperwork & the data entry mistakes that come with it! Membership Toolkit can upload your contacts, or you can build your database when your contacts enter their own information.

A directory that builds itself

When a contact signs up for an account on your website, they are given the option to participate in your directory. Each contact chooses whether or not they want to appear and which pieces of information are allowed to be displayed. They can change those settings at any time. This means no more data entry for you!

Printed directory? Absolutely.

Still need a printed directory? Choose between different PDF reports that can be downloaded and sent to your printer.

Privacy control and who sees what

Your contacts always have control in selecting how their information is published in the your directory. Your admins can control who has access and who can be included in your directory. Options include:
  • Any contact with an account
  • Members only
  • Specific people. Administrators must approve every person who can access to your directory.

Customize your directory with Membership Toolkit so that your members can search for exactly what they need!


For members in a community, a directory can be a very useful tool! Neighbors in an HOA, for instance, can use it to find babysitters, dog-walkers or people with similar interests. For a PTO, parents can use it to contact their child's school friends. If you add custom fields, your site can be used to make all sorts of connections.

Access to a free app allows your members to access the secure directory and all of your website content from the palm of their hand.  Membership Toolkit

Directory online & mobile app

Your directory publishes itself online as contacts sign in and complete their paperwork. The mobile app, which you can customize for your organization, includes your directory and calendar, making it convenient to find people on-the-go. If contacts belong to multiple organizations that use Membership Toolkit (a PTO and an HOA for example), they can use one log-in.

Your free trial awaits!