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The easier way to bring everyone together

No doubt about it. When you volunteer for a neighborhood HOA, you have to contend with paperwork, mass communication, collecting dues, and somehow you need to keep up with your own life. That's where Membership Toolkit comes in! By doing business online in a central location, your tasks are easier, and everyone stays better informed.

Software to Manage Your HOA - Membership Toolkit

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Tips and features for HOAs

Easy to Send Emails & Newsletters for Your HOA - Membership Toolkit

Become a master communicator

Homeowners' number one complaint? They don't know what their HOA is doing. We provide all the communication tools you need to change that: website, email, newsletters, calendars and more. Announce events, publish meeting minutes, poll your neighbors, etc. Public web pages are great for listing amenities, and providing information about schools and the community. For "members only" information, restrict viewing rights to paid members.

Easy-to-edit website

If you can type an email, you can edit and add-to your website. Really. 

We’ve seen it before. A designer creates an amazing website for an HOA and the next year, no one on your board can edit it. That won't happen with your Membership Toolkit website.

Your Membership Toolkit website is the perfect tool to unify and be the resource for your neighborhood.  

Have your own domain? You can use it!

Collect dues

Allowing online payments makes it easier for homeowners to pay their HOA dues and easier for you to keep up with who has paid, too. Track dues paid in seconds—and send reminders to those who are late. 

Collect Dues & Sell What you Need with an Online Store - Membership Toolkit

Your directory builds itself

Creating a neighborhood directory can be a huge headache. 

We make it a breeze. As your members sign up online, your directory builds itself. You can publish it online for members only and/or use the templates we provide to create a PDF directory.

The online directory is fully sortable, and you can add customized details. You can also use your directory as a fundraising opportunity by recruiting directory sponsors and placing their logos on this page.

Manage Events with Membership Toolkit

Events and volunteers

Hosting a community event? Membership Toolkit makes it easier to schedule volunteers, track RSVPs, and send out communications. 

When a volunteer does use a "Volunteer Form" to sign-up, the system can send automated reminders hours or days before the event and send an automated "thank you" when their  date has passed. 


Accounting reduce your risk

Not only does our easy-to-use accounting system make it easier for treasurers of all experience levels to record HOA finances and run necessary reports, it also allows for greater financial transparency.  All financial reports can be accessed by all board members, making it difficult for embezzlement (or serious errors) to go unnoticed.

Complete, Accurate Accounting Made Easy - Membership Toolkit

Faster & easier for administrators

Curious about the current state of affairs at your HOA? Never again wait for a returned phone call or the next board meeting. The Dashboard shows you up-to-the-moment HOA details at a glance. From there, you can dig in to as much detail as you have privileges to see. 

Truly great customer support 

Being a leader is a powerful but vulnerable thing. There's nothing worse than needing help, and not getting it. We've been there—so we take our customer service seriously!  All of our reps have meaningful experience, and are eager to help you succeed.

Poll the community

Most people love to give their opinion on matters that affect them. Use our data forms to create and send neighborhood polls and compile the results. When you use that input to make your community better, members feel heard and you look good!

Create Polls & Surveys for Your Neighborhood - Membership Toolkit

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