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Stronger together

Military service puts intense pressure on couples. Spouse groups provide community support for hundreds of homes, so families have a greater chance of thriving.  Membership Toolkit exists for a similar reason. We have resources that can make it much easier to cope with the pressure of managing community groups. And we have a definite interest in your success!  

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Unite your community

One of the toughest challenges for any organization is communication. It's hard to participate when you don't know what's going on!  Membership Toolkit provides all sorts of ways to "get the word out." An easy-to-edit website, email tools, newsletters, volunteer lists and calendar tools —all designed to keep members informed. Help your families find new ways to make friends, join clubs, get involved in the community and have some fun. 

We've put together an Idea Book for you to see the many different ways your organization can benefit from using Membership Toolkit. Download a copy of our Idea Book here.

Collect dues — and sell anything

Make it easy for members to pay their dues with online payments. It's convenient and safe, and next year's renewal is even faster and easier than the initial sign up!  Visitors to your site can also buy anything else you choose to sell. Shirts, hats, event tickets... the sky's the limit! Sales are recorded, inventories updated, and receipts sent automatically. You'll save a lot of time!

Not an Accountant?

Don't worry! You do not need to be an accountant to manage the funds for your organization. Templates are provided along with training resources. Set budgets, run necessary reports, record transactions, know at a glance who owes you money, and where the money is going. The accounting system works seamlessly with your online store and forms, which means one less thing to manage. And if you get stuck, reach out to us for help.

Accounting That's Easy and Accurate- Membership Toolkit

Connect members

Directories are great tools for helping members find friends with similar interests.  Your directory can be configured to only be accessed by anyone— or only by those who members of the organization. Members enter their own information when they register—which means far fewer errors, and no data-entry for you! Collect any custom information you think would be helpful for your group: ages of children, services like petsitting or babysitting, member interests, etc. Publish the directory online, or use the templates we provide to create a PDF— which can then be printed or emailed. 

Manage Events and Volunteers with Ease - Membership Toolkit

Host events and manage volunteers

The key to most social groups is organizing events that match members' interests: exercise groups, bunco nights, and so on. Use online interest forms to collect information about your members preferences for activities and volunteering. When an event comes up, email specific groups— or everyone, whichever is most appropriate. Members can then login and sign up to participate or volunteer on specific days at times. You can also use the system to send automated reminders and thank you notes. Most of us need reminding, and all of us love to be thanked! 

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