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Most non-profits function like a small business—or they should. They only succeed if they can effectively communicate, track funds, manage volunteers, and connect people to the organization's purpose.  Switching to a single integrated solution like Membership Toolkit saves valuable time and energy.  Your website, database, communications, volunteer management, online sales, donation, and reports can be tracked on ONE dashboard, so you can get through mundane tasks faster and spend time focusing on what truly matters.

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Tips and features for Non-Profits

Share your story

The custom website that comes with your Membership Toolkit subscription is perfect for sharing your story with the world. By using images and words well, you can explain your mission and goals, and invite any people who may be interested in your cause.

You do not need to be a professional to edit and maintain your online presence. If you can type an email, you can edit and add to your website. Really! 

Encourage repeat donations

When a donation is sent through your site, all sorts of automatic processes kick in.  Email receipts are created and sent. Thank you notes can be automated to follow. Thanking donors promptly and enthusiastically is a critical piece in encouraging future contributions. Those who give once are more likely to give again, so use your database records to interact with past and current donors thoughtfully.

Collect dues — and manage members

Collecting yearly dues is something Membership Toolkit was made for. Professional societies and other groups who collect annual dues can know at a glance who is and is not current on their financial obligations. Email reminders can quickly be sent to those who are late to pay. 

Membership forms are fully customizable, so be sure to include all the details you need to work smoothly as a group.  There's no limit to the amount of detail you can capture. Ask for just the basic contact information, or request a whole bio. 


Treasurers need a tool of their own to track budgets, record cash transactions, view funds received, and expenses paid.  Our Accounting tools offers templates for building a chart of accounts, budgeting, and reporting. Having an integrated accounting system—with reports—means your treasurer will spend less time wrangling records and preparing for meetings.

Fundraising events

The Volunteer section of Membership Toolkit is great for encouraging volunteerism at events and philanthropic activities. Create interest forms and sign-ups, so interested persons can tell you about their volunteer interests and choose the dates and times that work well for them.

Send automated thank you notes and reminders

Here's a massive time saver! Schedule automated emails to be sent after each donation and volunteer form has been completed.

Donation 'thank you' messages can include a well-crafted thank you note— plus IRS tax-exempt details for donors' records.

Volunteer forms can be set to send automated reminders before the event—and automated thank you notes after. Use those emails to tell your volunteers where to go, what to bring, and how very grateful you are for their partnership in service.

Take on corporate sponsors

Reserve a section on your website homepage to honor corporate sponsors. Then promote the need for sponsors  through your site—offering a variety of sponsorship levels. "Guest Forms" make it easy for potential sponsors to sign up without having to create an account.

Great customer support

Being a leader is a powerful but vulnerable thing. There's nothing worse than needing help, and not getting it. We've been there—so we take our customer service seriously!  All of our reps have meaningful experience, and are eager to help you succeed.

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