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If you want to advance the future of a chosen field or profession, professional organizations are the way to go.  However, working together effectively can be far from easy. Switching to a single integrated solution like Membership Toolkit saves valuable time and energy. Not only can you manage the mundane aspects of group management (like accounting and collecting dues) more efficiently—you also gain a forum for discussion and a platform for publication.  

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Top tips and features for 
Professional Associations & Societies

Control who sees your Professional Society's content on your website with Membership Toolkit.

Publish journals and peer-reviewed articles 

Your website can be used in a highly controlled way to publish journals and peer-reviewed articles. Because Membership Toolkit is a "membership-based" tool, non-members and those who are not current on dues can be restricted in their access. The ability to view any page (or article) can be set to "members only" — or you can can allow the whole world to see. 

Your society can publish multiple online journals/blogs. For instance, you might provide one for "members only," and another for the general public.

Attract new members

The Website tool is a natural place for societies to attract the attention of potential members. Share your organization's story, mission and goals with the world, and invite those who share your vision to become members. "Data forms" are a great way to capture all information needed to evaluate potential members. Or allow anyone to sign up, without a review process. 

You do not need to be a professional to edit and maintain your online presence. If you can send and email, you can edit your website!

Let people know who you are & attract new members with your Professional Society's website with Membership Toolkit.

Collect annual dues — and other fees

Paying annual dues is important for professional groups. Allow members to pay their annual dues online by credit card —directly through your site.  It's secure and easy, and next year's renewal is even faster and easier than the initial sign up! Payments are integrated with your accounting system, making financials easier than ever. 

Your group can also sell items that are not covered by annual dues. 

Keep everyone informed 

Communicating is tough, especially mass emailing! Our system will keep your emails and newsletters flying in formation, and you will be communicating like a pro. Newsletter templates make it easy to communicate regularly with members. Emails are great for sending simple reminders. Your database can be fully sortable. Use this feature to create smart lists. Send an email to everyone, a predefined group, or just one person. 

Want to know if someone read your message? The system can tell you!
Emails & Newsletters that are personalized and distributed to just the group you want- Membership Toolkit
No More Paperwork- RSVP, Sell Tickets, Make Announcements all Online with Membership Toolkit

Conferences and meetings

Announce meetings and conferences online, and provide an easy way for attendees to RSVP or register. Allow anyone to attend, or only offer the forms to "members only." 

Collect payments, register attendees, and gather all the specific details you need to make your conference a success.  Quickly email everyone registered, or just one person. And access all of this information from anywhere. 

If you meet regularly, calendars are another good way to keep everyone up-to-date on speaker and special events.  Encourage members to subscribe to the calendar so they know what's going on.

We've put together an Idea Book for you to see the many different ways your organization can benefit from using Membership Toolkit. Download a copy of our Idea Book here.

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